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[SS] Iron Maiden (Easy {40 FP})

Iron Maiden designed for Easy,
The Iron Maiden was Designed by Silver with assistance from Majyst.

Blocks: 5152

Volume/Resource Cost: 12,408.09 / 90,727

Lore: WIP

The Iron Maiden
Class: Cruiser
Role: Naval Support
L: 114
W: 19
H: 40
Top Speed: 10 m/s
Fuel Amount: 180,000

Main Gun's: double barreled Turret's (both 500mm gauge) x2
Secondary Gun's: Six barreled rapid fire AA gun (150mm gauge) x1
Torpedo's: 7 block Anti-Ship Torpedo's (The turret has 8 Torpedo's) x1

Hull: 1-3m Metal
Deck: 1m Wood, 1m Metal
Superstructure: 1m Metal



.blueprint   Iron Maiden.blueprint (Size: 245.99 KB / Downloads: 30)

Thanks for getting this done. It came out very cleanly, and now I can cross out another item for documentation.

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