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The joyful adventures of Vulcan Inquisition

"Live long, and prosper! Or else..."

Warhammer 40000, another faction of eldars, who solved the chaos problem by cyborgization.
They live in a computerized partial mind-meld, with all the good effects of it.
Their webway was transformed into a pocket dimension, which floats free in the multiverse, sometimes connecting to a plane of reality to explore.

From the Depths universe is a pet project of Normal #69, because of the universal material which could be found in there, a strange matter which transforms itself into a lot of materials, from glass thru wood or metal, and surprisingly complex machinery.

Their style of strategy of play will be about energy and supply conservation, because they need it to keep the dimensional gate to their home open, and sending back universal material for experimentation.

As this race of cyber-eldars consider logic and fun as their semi-religious ways, in their campaign for Neter they won't attack any faction they consider as decent nations, like Twin Guards for example.
Their name comes from a pun of theirs, after seeing some Star Trek movies drifting thru the information wormholes probing different planes of reality.

After making a landfall into the sea, they've met a young family currently harassed by pirates.
They will see the arrrror of their ways soon, as more and more pirate units began to disappear around the southwest material well of the area due to the cunning undersea installations of the Inquisition. This is war, and there are no rules.

Of course they return all the pirate-crew near home intact, with their memories in confused state - they talk about huge sea monsters tearing ships apart, swallowing them, and an eldery lady serving them wonderful beer in a rock-music club inside the monster belly.


Youtube series can be found in my signature, all the units I make will be uploaded here from now on - previous ones could be found here-ish.
Be prepared as i will use any advantage in game:
-sub units, docked outer shell, inner spinblock mounted parts which clip thru - that is actually a big weakness against explosions
-glitches which enable detection components to see thru the body of the unit - just a cosmetic effect if you ask me
-terrain and water coverage - hey, they wanted to spawn that plane underwater, or that ship on land Wink

No NaN-tricks or external blueprint file edits!
From the Depths english playlist starts here, before that it's hungarian:

[Image: 6yFiDvF.jpg]

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