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Poll: Does anyone care about these campaign progress threads?
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Yes, they are awesome
1 7.14%
I like some of them
10 71.43%
Pretty boring
0 0%
I prefer YT vids quite a bit
3 21.43%
boring, very boring
0 0%
Total 14 vote(s) 100%
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Does anyone actually care about these?

Does anyone actually care about these? I'm asking because it is quite a bit of work to put them together, and few people go to this section of the forums, and even less comment. YT vids are seen by people outside of the forums, and are typically more easy to follow and look better. The poll is for these campaign threads in general, not mine.

I'm considering starting a thread here of my main campaign, in which I'm fighting everyone at once, before I even take out a single DWG square. I did it to give value to turtling and to make it so I am not always fighting strength 150 squares, by having reinforcing fleets sent to me, rather than building up squares. I will use an emphasis on capturing and converting, and be on regular-hard design difficulty, and high enemy growth. I didn't make a thread here when I started it, since it is annoying to post all the screenshots and descriptions and because it seems under-appreciated. If you guys want to see me start updating my campaign progress here, then say so in a comment. If you want me to start fresh, then I'll consider it and see how reasonable it would be.
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