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Shield Idea, using the warp core idea

Ok, so this Idea is fairly straightforward and helps solve a few issues when it comes to protecting your craft.

Issues with current shield mechanics.

- Annoying and tedious to place
- % chance based on them actually doing there intended job.
- No real counter accept missiles and PaC, (Missiles have a million counters and Pac's are either OP as hell or garbage aka there hit and miss)
- Sheilds themselves either fall into the completely OP or no help at all category. (aka they either work well or have no effect)

Then there is the whole shield stacking thing (Look at the Perferator for an example).

So My idea is this.

Lets 'borrow' the Warp core idea.

Starting with a control block, this block allows you to configure your shield, Color, % of battery to use, and or how much engine power to use to charge the shield (Off to just use Batteries, or a % slider to limit the engine use)

Next is charging modules, these plug into the control block and allow the shield to be charged faster.

Shielding Rods - These plug into either charging modules or the control block itself and run the full length of the ship including the width and height. (A bit like with the warp coils)

This basically makes a bubble expanding from where all the shielding rods end.

So essentially what you would do is have the control block and charging modules in the middle of your craft, run Rods to the front and rear of your ship (at the longest point) and do the same for width and height.

The Game would then effectively draw a bubble using those 6 points, Of course, you could add more points for oddly shaped designs.

Basic function is simple, Shield has a power charge that is dissipated as it takes damage, MOre chargers = faster recharge but more power consumed.

something like...

Meters of Shielding Coil x number of chargers, If chargers are less, Slow shield recharge, If chargers are more, Faster recharge but much more power hungry.

Shields would absorb ALL damage (Taking extra damage from EMP Damage)

So you COULD if it was big enough have a battleship that's untouchable, but the power use would be crazy, (Im talking it would be impractical....Like a 500mm Autocannon that fires 900RPM.....Doable but absolutely useless lol.

This way BIG targets could potentially get swarmed by lots of smaller targets and the damage would eventually add up.

This would also mean that total armor spam wouldn't be nearly as nessercery (It's not an issue to get through...Its just the block count of some really nice designs is nuts and could be lowered significantly if shielding actually worked effectively lol.

Did any of that make sense?

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