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Fleet/Formation Orientation Should Be Same As Flagship's

Fleet/Formation heading is currently fixed as per original spawn position or fleetmove waypoint and doesn't change direction if the flagship does, the only way to change the heading of the formation is to set a fleetmove waypoint in the desired direction. For example: If you have a fleet heading north and you steer the flagship east, the formation (not the ships themselves) keeps pointing north, causing the formation to go sideways and demolition derby ensues.

This is especially troublesome during combat. You enter combat in a line-of-battle formation to bring all broadsides to bear, leading the formation in direct control of the flagship whilst other ships are in fleetmove to maintain formation. You have to constantly go into the strategy view and set a fleetmove waypoint to keep the formation pointing in the right direction because, if you make a 90 degree turn, your ships are no longer bow to stern in a line-of-battle formation but side by side instead.

Orientation and position of the formation should be the same as the flagship, if the flagship turns and points east, so should the formation.

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Fleet/Formation Orientation Should Be Same As Flagship's - by CrimeanChimera - 2018-01-22, 12:59 PM

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