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Stacked Turret Laser

So, after having been away from FtD for a while, I popped back into the forum to take a look at what current power requirements are for a good LAMS and was more than a bit surprised to see this post close to the top. Anyways, I prefer the two single axis setup mostly for looks. Two axis turrets make it hard to build a turret head that doesn't clip horribly at higher elevations. It's a nice bonus that the two turret design also has slightly better target tracking and engagement. The main thing I wish is that you could have the transceivers not passing through the turret block, but just in line with it. It would help reduce the amount of asymmetry in my designs.

Must the laser from the transceiver on the first turret pass through the "bottom" of the second turret? I read on another post it had to be on same axis as the turret spins, but after testing it doesn't seem to work if passing though the top. I tried placing the receiving transceiver on the second turret within the block which holds up the turret itself though clipping, to see how compact it could be made but it doesn't seem to work :/

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