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Bullet trails

Firstly, I like to play with short bullet trails, but between 0.1 to 0.3, smaller cram shells have no visible trail. In contrast, slow small APS calibres still have longer trails than the largest CRAMs. Can either the CRAM trails be doubled in length, or the APS trails halved in length, or perhaps split their trail options in the options menu so both can be customised independently?

To the main discussion, currently the projectile trails are somewhat lacking, in that they don't project the projectile's intent very well. The CRAM trails are pretty good, but APS is a different story in that a pure HE will still show as green or blue if travelling fast, and by fast I mean not too fast. Most of the time they must be below 200m/s to be yellow or orange. Red is out of the picture here. I'm suspecting this has something to do with the kinetic damage or AP on the shells, which even pure HE has. If kenetic damage or AP had half the effect on the colour, perhaps HE and squash heads would have a much warmer trail than they currently possess. Ideally, pure HE would be red, APHE would be yellow, and pure AP would be green/blue.

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Bullet trails - by Shaun - 2018-01-16, 02:55 PM

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