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An idea for fuel and steam engines.

I like the idea as it can lead to more realism but the coding would be a nightmare from what I could guess, maybe just more sizes of fuel container (up to a 6x6) as essentially that would solve the issue of tons of small fuel cases, as far as the coal and steam engines idea goes I prefer the material burning simply for usability in adventure mode. However as aesthetic pieces go and maybe as an alternative fuel source for steam engines it could work because a lot of warships used coal as a type of sandbag to protect areas of the hull. And it could work do that the steam engine uses coal but if the coal runs out you can still use material (the equivalent of shoving your mattress into the burner lol)
P.s. sorry for the necro

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An idea for fuel and steam engines. - by Shaun - 2018-01-15, 10:49 AM
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