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An idea for fuel and steam engines.

Currently, we get fuel in boxes. Apart from the little red canisters, which look pretty nice on small ships. Steam engines use materials, but can be annoying if you use them up on repairs.

As fuel is a liquid, I propose only offering the canisters as a box of fuel, and instead have a mechanic similar to air-pumps, where as an enclosed area of the hull can be pumped with oil instead. The space can be filled when resources are transferred. If the area is hit, oil will 'leak' and you will lose the resource at a rate depending on how big the whole is. The whole area could be explosive, so a HE shell could trigger and explosion scaling to amount of oil in the space. Being different from air pumps, an oil pump could be heavy. The oil would be heavy and not particularly buoyant. I believe this would save a lot of ships on block-count.

I think steam should work from a separate resource; coal. Coal will be a block as it is solid, and could offer beams and larger boxes. Coal would be space inefficient, but isn't explosive and offers some protection against incoming damage. Therefore, could be good for use between hull gaps, as is historically.

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An idea for fuel and steam engines. - by Shaun - 2018-01-15, 10:49 AM

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