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Input wanted: Compact Vehicle Weapon Laser

I have been considering building a fairly compact fighter style aircraft and/or spacecraft based on a laser system. To that end, I set out to build the most compact and energy efficient laser system I could. It needed to have enough alpha damage to at least one shot a metal beam, be as space compact as possible and have as little power draw as possible. The following is the design I came up with and I wonder if anyone has any ideas how to tweak it to make it better. I would like to keep the size as close to 3x3x14 (Its current size) as possible and it's power as close to 2000 as possible.


Type: 3Q
AP: 88.9
Full Charge Alpha: 2609
Pulse Damage: ~560
Power Draw: ~1800


.blueprint   Compact Vehicle Laser 4.blueprint (Size: 41.21 KB / Downloads: 42)

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Input wanted: Compact Vehicle Weapon Laser - by MortusEclipse - 2018-01-15, 01:30 AM

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