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Actual faction fighting,allies and enemies.

My thought for how it should work without killing factions: warring factions send patrol fleets closer to the border of their enemies. The fleets will be destroyed if they get close enough, with the larger force count fleet winning, with some ships destroyed and others damaged, and the smaller fleet destroyed completely. After 2 victorious "skirmishes" a faction will take a single tile along the border, and the enemy fleet (was a garrison) will rise up from the center of the tile and attack the newly installed garrison of the other faction and any nearby fleets. It will also be based on force points for who wins, but the defender will get a 10% buff to discourage overaggresion, the closer to the capital, the more of a defensive buff the defender gets to discourage getting wiped out.

This would probably not work, but might be a basis for something better or a consideration.
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