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Actual faction fighting,allies and enemies.

So hey! I had a thought,what if during your campaign, factions that hate each other would send forces to each other too,no real battles would really take place much.But they'd still weather each other down slightly. But what I really want,is to have it when you allied with a force like 90-100 percent,they'd send ships towards the enemies and help you defeat them,and if you went into a battle that faction would be there too and fight with you, but maybe you have to give some of the land to them? I would really like to see how this could end up,especially if enemy factions joined forces to defeat you if you take on to many factions. so what does everyone think of this,I wanna find out :3

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Actual faction fighting,allies and enemies. - by Ninjin_Ninja - 2018-01-14, 09:09 PM

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