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Request: Resource Node Gatherer

This LUA script would be for adventure mode.
Would head towards the nearest resource node, and remain there until the node vanishes.
Will disable itself/switch the AI into combat mode when an enemy is near.
Can work with ships, submarines or flyers.
Can control all forms of propulsion (heliblades on spinners, dediblades, jets, screws, etc.). If not easily obtainable, can exclude sails.
If not the flagship, when the resource hold is full, will return to the flagship (if possible).
Any ideas?


That's a start. For something that just harvests nodes and brings them to flagship, try:
Workshop: Voidware, INARI and more.

I've got a "utility AI" that can do resource gathering and/or wreck salvaging (i.e. heads to last known position of an enemy once combat ends). Written for adventure mode.

I don't think I've ever posted about them, though they've been publicly available for some time, both as standalone scripts and in demo vehicles. I'll link them here. There's a number of variations for different control schemes:
  • utility-ai.lua. Plain, vanilla, 2D movement only. Yaw + propulsion.
  • utility.lua. For "airships" and the like. Thrusters or dediblades to stay aloft + yaw + propulsion.
  • utility6dof.lua. For full thrustercraft with jets and/or dediblades in all 6 directions (balanced around the CoM) for a full 6 degrees of movement.
  • utilitysub.lua. Hydrofoil-based surface or submarine vessels.
Terrain and friendly avoidance come standard, though terrain avoidance in adventure mode isn't useful at all.

Also demo gatherer and demo salvager. Though they're running an old version of the script (utility.lua) which might have broken in 2.1. I haven't checked.

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