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[SS] Long Tom - Huge coastal gun turret (done)

The big brother of the "Sentinel" gun Wink

[Image: NjfGIFE.jpg]

Deals lots of damage, hits decently over vast ranges and works autark.
The front is shielded but it doesn't contain any other means of defence, that's up for other "buildings"...

I capped the rof to 0.1/m and set up some delays on the firing pieces.
If one wants to enjoy some moar dakka, just look for the LWC and remove the rof cap. Fun guaranteed Wink

-Finished the interior
-Did some painting
-Renamed from "Overlord" to "Long Tom"

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[SS] Long Tom - Huge coastal gun turret (done) - by h0yer - 2014-12-07, 08:25 PM

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