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CRAMS seem ineffective compared to APS.

So I have a ship design with a 5x5x4 aps, fires about 10 rds/s 100 mm frag rounds. It slaughters just about anything unshielded, and shielded after some time. I tried to build a cram of the same size, and it just seems much less effective. Ills fire at a marauder, and do maybe 3% on a penetrating hit (1600mm, 4 ammo box and about 8 explosive and 4 hardener boxes.) I've had some luck hitting the gun, but it just seems much less effective overall. Should I make multiple smaller guns? Not try for cram unless I have more space? What am I doing wrong? I'll be able to upload the gun blueprint in a few hours.

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CRAMS seem ineffective compared to APS. - by Evilbookworm - 2018-01-08, 09:44 PM

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