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Tournament Mod

Hey all,

Another patch so another update to the mod to fix the breakages Smile

Let me know if I've missed anything or if you have new features to request.

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.zip   Tournament 2_4_16 (Size: 195.56 KB / Downloads: 21)

Any chance it can be made possible to switch to build mode within the mod? In the late stages of designing an entry I'm typically switching between the mod and designer every 5 mins to implement tiny tweaks based on its performance, would be great if for those tiny tweaks (sometimes as little as a minute in designer to change some firing constraints) I could just hit the "end match, build on entry A" button.

I tried to use the recent version but it crashes on me, after a few seconds into the battle.


Sorry for late responses - forums have been down a bunch lately whenever I go to check on them.

Regarding the crashing - several people have this issue and I have not tracked down the exact cause, however there is an easy work around.

The mod only crashes if you go into it straight after launching the game, if you go into designer first and then into the mod it works fine. I think you only need to go into designer once per game launch to fix the issue.

If I track down the cause I will update the mod but that's the workaround for anyone with the issue atm.

Regarding build mode in tournament I will add it to the wishlist, however I expect that's a lot of work to do and probably not possible with how the game modes are set up. But I will look into when I have some time and add if doable.

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