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Poll: Who is the winner?
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Admiral Grigorowich by skyer
2 3.51%
Char1B by mainfall
2 3.51%
CV33 by Magma
0 0%
CWSP Dragonfly Replica by Hikari
10 17.54%
Fuso35_by_ACHTUNG_for_comp by ACTUNG
22 38.60%
HayashimoKai by Earlyfrost
2 3.51%
HMCS Haida- NO AC by The Destroyer
2 3.51%
SMS_Gefion by Obnosis
6 10.53%
U-boot Type VII-C by Nutterchap
0 0%
US M1A1 Abrams by Rainbowlicious
11 19.30%
Total 57 vote(s) 100%
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"Real Replicas" Voting

Here we go for voting on "Real Replicas".
Voting will be closed on January 10th

This competition is slightly different than others, the spirit of it is based on how well the replica represents the real thing. So my comments will be based Mostly on that and not how the actual design looks (Mostly).
How you vote is up to you, but at least now you know the spirit of the competition.

We have 10 Submissions this time, so here is the full list.
Admiral Grigorowich by skyer
Char1B by mainfall
CV33 by Magma
CWSP Dragonfly Replica by Hikari
Fuso35_by_ACHTUNG_for_comp by ACTUNG
HayashimoKai by Earlyfrost
HMCS Haida- NO AC by The Destroyer
SMS_Gefion by Obnosis
U-boot Type VII-C by Nutterchap
US M1A1 Abrams by Rainbowlicious

Admiral Grigorowich by skyer

Representation: 9/10
Details: 7/10
Body Shaping: 7/10
+Every major system and detail is represented on this ship.
+The Bridge is well designed on the exterior
+Has a decent walkable interior, but I have no way to check its authenticity.

-The Sensor area is not representing the real thing well. Missing a lot of little doodads. Also, the Smoke stack seems thinner than it should be.
[Image: CLm0Zdq.jpg]
[Image: vdDLmXX.jpg]
[Image: mxmBjR6.jpg]

Char1B by mainfall
Representation: 6/10
Details: 4/10
Body Shaping: 8/10
+Overall the shape of the body is almost spot on, however the missing hatch/viewing area in front of the turret is a glaring issue, and the turret shape is a bit off.
-Major lack of details here. The flat area on the back should have had a better representing exhaust and some extra junk like toolboxes on it.
[Image: OGGZIih.png]
[Image: ZSKJm40.png]
[Image: O6QfG6l.png]
[Image: attachment.php?aid=48837]

CV33 by Magma
Representation: 9/10
Details: 8/10
Body Shaping: 9/10
+Near perfect replica of the real thing
+So tiny with great details. Looks like something a Shriner would drive in a Parade.

-Exhaust in back looks too large and doesnt really look like exhaust without looking at the real Pic.
[Image: foto000.jpg]
[Image: 4PQmhO4.jpg]
[Image: Re4XntT.jpg]
[Image: 7r14Svj.gif]

CWSP Dragonfly Replica by Hikari
Representation: 8/10
Details: 9/10
Body Shaping: 8/10
+Wow, those wings. Very Beautiful. And they Flap too.
+Legs and Eyes are also very nice for representation

-Exposed Jets, not realistic. Shoulda had hidden dediblades or something else.
-Where the heck did that dragonfly get cannons???

[Image: Dragonfly1.png]
[Image: Dragonfly2.png]
[Image: dragonfly3.png]
[Image: dragonfly.jpg]

Representation: 10/10
Details: 10/10
Body Shaping: 10/10
+Perfect replica of an extremely large and detailed ship.
+Every deck, layer, shape, and detail is represented and replicated as well as FTD can do.
+That Pagoda mast, so much detail crammed into it.
+Very detailed and Walkable interior, so many great rooms and amazing machinery. But I can not verify its authenticity.

-I have nothing Negative to say about it, so im writing this is red so every unit gets at least 1 negative comment.

[Image: Screenshot_1014.png?width=630&height=467]
[Image: Screenshot_1012.png?width=856&height=468]
[Image: Screenshot_1004.png?width=854&height=467]
[Image: Screenshot_1009.png?width=323&height=467]

HayashimoKai by Earlyfrost

Representation: 10/10
Details: 9.5/10
Body Shaping: 10/10
+Really great Replica here. Everything is well represented
+Interior has some great rooms with amazing machinery. Only partially walkable though.
-Very minor gripe here, but the cannons are 1 cannon with 2 barrels on yours. Real thing looks to be 2 cannons with 1 barrels (the single mantlet stands out)
[Image: 4o2zTOx.jpg]
[Image: HA10d8z.jpg]
Real Pic:
[Image: lvr6Jg4.jpg]

HMCS Haida- NO AC by The Destroyer
Representation: 7/10
Details: 4/10
Body Shaping: 6/10
+Everything is represented here, so its very identifiable
+Very nice engine room and walkable interior

-The real ship looks to be a very cluttered and chaotic superstructure. Your replica lacks the details to show that. Its too clean. Also, its too blue.
-The sensor tower thing is glaringly under represented.

[Image: DC94641B0A7EC3C22E0E3D4BFB162A2AC692AC37]
[Image: 17145940322_b1914e49c3_b.jpg]

SMS_Gefion by Obnosis
Representation: 10/10
Details: 10/10
Body Shaping: 10/10
+Perfect replica of the real thing (Model and real pictures that I can find)
+I love the design of this particular ship which is more a personal preference.
+Amazing walkable interior with awesome machinery, but I can not verify its authenticity.

-The only thing i can find that doesnt match is the Anchor. Not sure if it could have been done right in FTD, but the real thing has the anchor pulled back and sitting on the deck to the sides with the chain draped across the side of the ship. Very minor thing.
[Image: fQUnkhX.jpg]
[Image: Y9YxSqS.jpg]
[Image: 00a.jpg]

U-boot Type VII-C by Nutterchap
Note: Conflicting Models and Pictures makes this design hard to judge how well it represents the real thing. Im not sure if its the ship thats been refitted or something else but I see a lot of Pics with 2 decks on the back of the tower and the periscope in a different place.
Judging will be based on the presented picture and other pictures that match that.

Representation: 9/10
Details: 5/10
Body Shaping: 6/10
+Everything on the real thing is represented here, but I realize Submarines have very few exterior features by design so representation is easy.
+Realistic and walkable Interior, great rooms all in a line.
+Wires up top look good

-The Hull shape I know is hard to do in FTD, but some of the roundness under the mid way bulge is lost in your replica.
-Lots of missing details, Hatches and Railings are of note.
-FTD Hydrofoils on the front should have been Hidden. If the real thing had fins there, they are much more subtle than that.

[Image: TypVIIC-U565-px800.jpg?fit=800%2C598&ssl=1]
[Image: 7ADA4D2D8733E135E71CAA09ADD6BBBD7CAF2871]
[Image: 8E15427E8581A7018AF5BA9324D3A5496692B223]

US M1A1 Abrams by Rainbowlicious
Representation: 10/10
Details: 10/10
Body Shaping: 10/10
+99% Perfect Replica
+The way the turret sweeps over that raised area of the tank in back is great. Very form fitting.
+Great Details over it (for its size)

-The M1A1 Abrams is a versatile Tank that seems to be used as a pack horse a lot. More junk in the trunk would have been interesting for details.
[Image: inxsjK1.jpg]
[Image: vctQsZK.jpg]
[Image: HG4dNHS.jpg]
[Image: OWgSVqz.jpg]

Attached Files
.blueprint   Admiral Grigorowich by skyer.blueprint (Size: 254.66 KB / Downloads: 45)
.blueprint   Char1B by mainfall.blueprint (Size: 49.24 KB / Downloads: 34)
.blueprint   CV33 by Magma.blueprint (Size: 42.19 KB / Downloads: 45)
.blueprint   CWSP Dragonfly Replica by Hikari.blueprint (Size: 187.29 KB / Downloads: 46)
.blueprint   Fuso35_by_ACHTUNG_for_comp by ACTUNG.blueprint (Size: 1.23 MB / Downloads: 55)
.blueprint   HayashimoKai by Earlyfrost.blueprint (Size: 218.15 KB / Downloads: 39)
.blueprint   HMCS Haida- NO AC by The Destroyer.blueprint (Size: 211.56 KB / Downloads: 37)
.blueprint   SMS_Gefion by Obnosis.blueprint (Size: 316.15 KB / Downloads: 40)
.blueprint   U-boot Type VII-C by Nutterchap.blueprint (Size: 101.63 KB / Downloads: 37)
.blueprint   US M1A1 Abrams by Rainbowlicious.blueprint (Size: 107.66 KB / Downloads: 60)
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