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A question as old as time

What are the blue lines when you in build mode?[Image: attachment.php?aid=48865]

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[Image: 6Vp76mI.png]

[Image: 76561198088023049.png]

I just know that its some sort of magic blue spaghetti, that's all I know about it.
There is always a weak-spot if you search Hard enough.

If you fire enough AP at that shield, at some point you're going to come through.

There is no "best" I wouldn't even say there is anything universally good, Good is subjective, I find everything bad even if it's in theory good against this or that.


Some kind of building boundaries

Where the blue lines cross simply displays the front of the craft, so when you begin building you don’t build a boat sideways.

Bounding box I think, not sure though.
(2017-04-20, 06:54 PM)Hikari Wrote: I made something that has an impact of a type 1a supernova. The projectile already breaks laws of physics by going way past the speed of light.

2000mm HE Dakka Enthusiast

They might be the bounds of the ship, since ships are saved as Arrays. The Array needs to be expanded if you build too big for it, which can cause lag on massive objects.

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