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Armored autoloaders and clips

Autoloader and clip variants that holds less ammo and are a bit slower on reload but has more hp and are better at handling Shell volatility.

this is essentially direct feds except with loaders and clips(and of course the Shell size limit).

these loaders and clips can handle an internal ammo detonation and will not chain detonate making them an excellent choise for less rapid guns that you dont want to go up in flames as soon as a dinky Shell comes by to vissit.

you could Always use ammo ejectors but in this case you dont have to worry about where the shells are ejected + it allows for a more safer but somewhat nefred aps system to be made.
Never sail out to far on the daft raft.

+1 me liky, I would probably still never use it Big Grin
There is always a weak-spot if you search Hard enough.

If you fire enough AP at that shield, at some point you're going to come through.

There is no "best" I wouldn't even say there is anything universally good, Good is subjective, I find everything bad even if it's in theory good against this or that.


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