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"cultural ships" Winner

Times up on Voting, and we have a winner.

For those that dont know, the Cultural ships competition was meant as a tool to see how people would design ships for Nicks second game "Forgotten Shores". In the future, designs will be "styled" on real Cultural ships so its interesting to see what people choose to do here.

1st Place Shogun Atakabune by Magma
2nd Place Byzantine_Dromon by Obnosis
3rd Place Fluyt by Awellner

As mentioned, since there were so few submissions there wont be a steam gift card in this competition, but ill still give the Color and Rep Ranks.
However, Magma and Obnosis have already gotten 1st and 2nd places in previous competitions so that part is redundant.

Congrats all, and thanks for consistently participating.
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