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Updated Design Guidelines

Male vehicles: Larger missiles/torpedoes, APS cannons or railguns, Super-heavy CRAM cannons, Simple Autocannons

Female vehicles: Smaller missiles/torpedoes, Lasers, PACs, Simple Lasers

Male Vehicles: 2-3 block thick Metal armor, Heavy Armor around vital areas and ammunition/AI, Smoke, Missile Interceptors or flares, CIWS cannons, Single layer Reflect shields up to strength 8

Female Vehicles: 1-2 block thick Metal armor, Heavy Armor around ammunition/AI, LAMS, Single or double layer Reflect shields up to strength 10

Both: External cosmetic Alloy layer, Laser-Absorb Shields up to strength 10, Surge Protector blocks, minor use of ERA blocks

Sensors: All, prefer at least 2 types

Engines: Fuel Engines, RTG, Steam Turbines

Minimum of 1 Repair Tentacle on each vehicle

Ships: Multi-hull construction

Aircraft: Exposed blades on helicopters, no conventional planes, maximum altitude ~250 meters

Drones: Under 1,000 blocks, prefer under 300 blocks

All vehicles except drones require a Chair with Vehicle and Weapon control. Does not need to be accessible.

Vehicles should come in a pair with 1 male and 1 female vehicle.

Replaces red text:

Quote:Building Guidelines (skip to bottom for shorter version)

The twin guard has access to the same technology that SD has, but their understanding of it is much less.
For offense, what this means is they can use Lasers, cannons, and missiles just like the SD but it should all be weaker.
Male ships prefer Cannons and missiles
Female ships prefer missiles and lasers
Defense they can use LAMS, armor, and shields (no smoke)
The female ships can have LAMS, and minor shielding.
Male ships will have more internal armor and minor shielding

The sister ship builds the Hulls for all ships out of Alloy because this is what SD builds with, however the brother sees the weakness in alloy and always insist on more metal. So he will add metal bracing to his sisters ships, and more armor to his own ships.

In addition to using the same offense and defense as SD (weaker)
they specialize in replication ships and repair ships.

Most of their fleet should be water based ships, since thats the blueprints they already had in their mainframes, but they also tinker with some flying designs of their own. However, their flyers stay low to medium altitude since they dont want to get up into atmosphere where SD could influance them.

Male ships/ air: Cannons and missiles
Female ships/ air: Missiles and lasers

Male: Alloy hull/metal hull and internal reinforcement. Minor shields
Female: Alloy Hull, Metal bracing, LAMS, minor shields

80% Ships (a few subs would be ok) No fast hydrofoil ships
20% Air

Style: Robotic, Metal Struts, Bracings

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