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Armor bonus or some kind of survivability bonus on barrels and mantlets.

The reason why barrels, mantlets and any other Component for that matter does not have armor bonuses is because of cheese if i understand right.
However, this should not prohibit gun barrels and mantlets from having better survivability as popping them or causing them to malfunction (shooting themselves when in multi barrel configurations or when barrels are sheared of leading to inaccuracy) is way to common when a big enough damage source is applied. sure, disabling guns should be easy and rewarding, but in the current state of the game this is just pure random luck in most cases.

It does help to prevent ugly mega guns from taking over (i am an obvious culprit) but at the same time a well armored gun in any configuration will just be a waste because it only takes 1-2 hits to make it useless and repairbots just go for the hull anyways(this is a big no for tanky builds that rely less on Shields).

having 9 cram Shells hit the front of your full HA gun that almost causes your entire ship to sink (altough impractical and not recommended) and disabling it, is just sad because the firing piece will likely never come back ever, and by the time it does your ammo supply has already been clustertrucked.
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Armor bonus or some kind of survivability bonus on barrels and mantlets. - by Char_charodon - 2017-12-19, 09:31 PM

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