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Increase material cost of all weapons and fuel

(2017-12-27, 04:39 AM)TheShadowKick Wrote: If your ship is so dense that any unmitigated hit will knock out important components then I'd argue it's not as strong in combat as it could be. I always build my ships with empty spaces and interior armoring to soak up whatever hits get past the active defenses. Many of my ships can fight until they hit the Too Damaged mark and despawn.

If your ship has a significant amount of empty space it's guaranteed to hit the too damaged mark against something dense of the same quality Smile
Big, airy things get stomped in every tournament and it'll get even less attractive with the aimpoint fix in 2.1

More dense:
- much better armor all around, with current stacking bonuses this matters a lot(as it should IMO)
- better shielding(and a smaller target, but this doesn't matter as much)
- less drag, higher agility

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