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Poll: Who is the winner?
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Byzantine_Dromon by Obnosis
8 32.00%
CSS Device by Nutterchap
1 4.00%
Fluyt by Awellner
6 24.00%
Junk by void-person
0 0%
Shogun Atakabune by Magma
9 36.00%
Sweet nothing by Gigaworks
1 4.00%
Total 25 vote(s) 100%
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"Cultural Ships" Voting

Hey, Im back and going to do the voting now. Only 6 submissions so there will be no Steam Gift card rewards, just for winners credit here.

Voting will end in 7 days on December 25th (Christmas Day)

The 6 Submissions are:

Byzantine_Dromon by Obnosis
CSS Device by Nutterchap
Fluyt by Awellner
Junk by void-person
Shogun Atakabune by Magma
Sweet nothing by Gigaworks

Byzantine_Dromon by Obnosis
+Great overall Design
+Oars and catapult both move realistically.
+Rowing decks have Benches and Handles, good attention to detail.

-Dragon looking Figurehead with fire shooting out just makes me think its a Jet in reverse. Too much fire.
[Image: Lyc0eSY.jpg]
[Image: RG8NLkS.jpg]
[Image: 1HM6xoG.jpg]

CSS Device by Nutterchap
+Nice looking smokestack and Functional looking paddlewheel.
+Row Boats complete with Tiny Oars look perfectly proportional where they are, looks great.
+Fully Detailed interior with spinning parts connecting Steam engine to the Paddlewheels outside.
-Iron part of the Hull is too square
[Image: AF705BA2665CEAB65324B82FD71BD22DA76FFD2E]
[Image: 421A7D3F7438145CF3DA964969AD5AF30CAB06A5]
[Image: 4C370CEFAB5073D0CAD7002C877ECEBC5D15DF5C]

Fluyt by Awellner
+Dunno what its called, but the Mast that sticks out the front of the ship on an angle is always a good touch on sailships.
+Netting up to the crows nest areas looks good
[Image: unknown.png?width=838&height=473]
[Image: unknown.png?width=838&height=473]
[Image: unknown.png?width=838&height=473]

Junk by void-person
+Nice shaping and some good details for a small ship based on a rather simple realistic design
+Nice rudder
+Has a kite
[Image: attachment.php?aid=48517]
[Image: attachment.php?aid=48518]
[Image: attachment.php?aid=48519]

Shogun Atakabune by Magma

+Screams "Im a Japanese ship, loud and proud"
+Very nice Fortress on top, well build and detailed
+Cherry Blossom trees are great
+Nice structures and Details up on Deck
+Working Oars
[Image: Uclt2MX.jpg]
[Image: HXjt9QK.jpg]
[Image: U2mZuvt.jpg]

Sweet nothing by Gigaworks
+Riverboats are cool
+Large, great looking paddlewheels
+Good smoke stacks with decorative piece between them.
+Simple but walkable interior with minor details such as tables and chairs.
-Color washes out the design.
[Image: ALWYGyT.jpg]
[Image: kvoFAXm.jpg]
[Image: 8oe90kw.jpg]

Attached Files
.blueprint   Byzantine_Dromon by Obnosis.blueprint (Size: 418.85 KB / Downloads: 42)
.blueprint   CSS Device by Nutterchap.blueprint (Size: 141.93 KB / Downloads: 39)
.blueprint   Fluyt by Awellner.blueprint (Size: 120.75 KB / Downloads: 42)
.blueprint   Junk by void-person.blueprint (Size: 78.24 KB / Downloads: 39)
.blueprint   Shogun Atakabune by Magma.blueprint (Size: 743.42 KB / Downloads: 34)
.blueprint   Sweet nothing by Gigaworks.blueprint (Size: 359.43 KB / Downloads: 36)
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