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How to make a powerful and efficient engine?

Hello! I'm trying to build an engine that's about as powerful as the Hercules2000 pre-fab but more efficient. I've already managed to build a monstrosity of an engine with 20 cylinders, 22 carburetors, 20 superchargers, and 46 turbochargers with a maximum power of 2200, but I'm only getting 87 power per unit of fuel at peak load. How can I make it more efficient without going below a maximum power of 2000?

The engine in question: [Image: 9ydDOyr.png]

Stats:[Image: jCGwSNh.png]

I've included the blueprint of the engine.

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.blueprint   Engine.blueprint (Size: 41.11 KB / Downloads: 34)

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How to make a powerful and efficient engine? - by dan96kid - 2017-12-18, 03:43 AM

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