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Buff APS accuracy! (or at least correct it!)

Personally, without any numbers to back this up, never noticed a big issue with AA APS shooting at aircraft. Perhaps it was just the types I used. Mostly 6 barrel guns between 35 - 60 mm firing at a cyclic rate above 500. The barrels were usually no longer than 5m and the preferred velocity for the rounds was usually 500-700 m/s. Add in a mixed feed of Burst Frag and contact HE, sometimes GravRam and it generally worked out even against Flying Squirrels. Don't know what the inaccuracy rates were but the guns seemed to be fairly effective at ranges passed 1km (iirc the usually maxed out around 1.5km)
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RE: Buff APS accuracy! (or at least correct it!) - by Ramble6 - 2018-03-06, 11:10 AM

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