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Buff APS accuracy! (or at least correct it!)

(2018-02-10, 06:41 AM)Liondrome Wrote: Of course you got roasted, guns arn't as accurate in FTD compared to real life because the engagement ranges arn't as far. In real life large battleship guns could reach out past 15km pretty easily, in FTD your MAXIMUM range is 5km due to the cap on LWCs. If you gave FTD guns real life accuracy you'd just snipe out ai cores and ammo barrels, also forget about making small aircraft because their flight ceiling is extremely limited.

Here we go again. Another canned response from another person who hasn't begun to think of all the factors involved. The current game limitation is no reason that the guns should be 250 times less accurate than reality. There is a medium to be found. Since the inclusion of detection, having guns this inaccurate is just silly. The detection equipment will only give you an accuracy of around five meters at best. Add in slow projectile speed, janky as movement, and shields that only allow certain projectiles types to even be useful, and you have a recipe for what we have now. Complete garbage APS. You are literally better off using any other weapon in the game.

Like why does sabo even exist? What good is the AP head if you can't muster a shell that has enough penetration to be useful? It wouldn't matter any way. It would just go sailing off a shield into space. Can't shoot down a small aircraft with 150mm flak. Think about that for a second. 150mm flak does nothing to small volume flyers! At this point I am struggling to even understand why half of this is even in the game.

Of course I got roasted? FFS man. Just go build another gun the size of my house with HEAT shells because that is all that works anymore. Everything is fine. Never mind the giant CF that is APS balance.

(2018-02-10, 10:38 AM)CoolJ Wrote: ...

Shield/payload mechanics have nothing to do with accuracy.
Accuracy works this way because this is a game, and some compromises were needed to keep engagements fun. This way you can see both combatants in battle.
If you can't understand that this isn't a simulator that just means you are slower than the rest, not that they are clueless about real cannons.

I haven't begun about the factors involved? How about you get some actual dispersion numbers and scale them down to the combat ranges involved in FTD. Or are the combat ranges in FTD a factor that you simply choose to ignore?

Is it possible to make shells accuracy and speed differ between worlds?

CoolJ, stop being so aggressive. You don't have to complain about most things here on the forums. The forums are for thoughtful discussion.
Yes, APS need balance changes, but yelling about it won't help. Yes, innacuracy is a bit annoying, I agree.

I have played quite awhile and most APS systems are viable. If you want to use sabot, use it against unshielded craft or use disrupters to clear the shields. Want to use HE? Sure, it works fairly well. Frag, HEAT, and HESH work well too. I don't use the other much, but most things work. 150mm flak can easily shread wings and vulnerable bits off small aircraft.

The detection system is optional. Disable it if you have complaints. I don't like it too much, it adds extra things to worry about.
(2017-04-20, 06:54 PM)Hikari Wrote: I made something that has an impact of a type 1a supernova. The projectile already breaks laws of physics by going way past the speed of light.

2000mm HE Dakka Enthusiast

As I thought, guys never stop complaining before or after or even after barrel length, tuned into 1/1024. There is no way for us to accept.
I suppose it's possible to make inaccuracy of all kinds of APS zero. Muzzle velocity should be infinity as well.

Or we have to consider not just about coefficient but law itself.
Though I reserve relation about barrel, length remember once more rpm increased inaccuracy. I haven't known why roll backed but it would have solved people's lives desires; more accurately or more dakka or heavier gun he wanted, even all of them if he payed huge cost

I haven't seen it mentioned, I might have missed it but... What is your detection like? There is also error on detection to account for in bearing and range. Also what is that shell composition? It seems to be slow and pretty inaccurate for a shell.
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Well after trawling though some numbers, I believe the problem is this: Large diammeter guns are more accurate than what they should be, whilst small calibers are less accurate than what they should be. For example, keep the shell the same whilst adjusting the barrel length to keep the shell diammeter/barrel length the same. As you decrease the diammeter, the inaccuracy increases by a substantial amount. This ends up screwing over AA calibers like 20mm, 40m etc. The problem is that without any real drawback to making super long barrels in comparison to the shell diammeter, it would be easy to make super accurate AA guns.

For anyone interested I did some maths using numbers from WoWs, scaling down the gun ranges of American ships to fit down to 10km combat ranges. Battleships inaccuracy ranged from 0.84-1, cruisers 0.6-0.67 and destroyers were at 0.59-0.68.

I'd be rather interested in some more math regarding the other nations, feeling a surprise inbound. Smile

Nevertheless, even a bad engineered APS is more accurate than WOWs sniper cruiser pew pew. Smile
(2018-03-12, 05:51 AM)Chunkblaster Wrote: @Lord O' Talons What Anime is that?

(2018-03-12, 01:22 PM)Lord O Talons Wrote: BM effects and docking stations.

---lolwhat Big Grin

I don't think APS needs any accuracy buff at all. I posted a question about this in the other subforum, and have been testing lots of APS designs since coming back to the game. First of all, if APS was super-accurate, then railguns would never be used. The whole point of railguns is that they're super accurate "sniper" guns. If APS could shoot like that, railguns would be redundant.

Secondly, if APS cannons were any more accurate than they currently are, battles would be boring, because they'd be over in 30 seconds. You could just mount 3 or 4 super accurate 500mm APS turrets on your ship, start the battle with your ship out of range of most of the enemy alpha-strike stuff, and pick them apart in no time.

As for the comments about using APS for AA. That has nothing to do with APS accuracy, and everything to do with the games own internal code for calculating speed, range, bearing, and the speed of the round fired. Even with detection off/set to perfect, APS cannon fire will follow nimble aircraft around, always just behind the crafts' current position. The only "target prediction" program for intercepting a craft is a missile/torpedo component. There's no such equivalent for cannon fire. I think this is probably by design, just like I think APS inaccuracy is by design, to make the game more fun. If an AA gun could reliably hit an aircraft with almost every shot, aircraft would be fairly useless, since they usually need to be made from light (read: weaker) materials like wood and alloy. For myself, I figured it out pretty quickly once I got into it. Make a multibarreled APS (5 or 6 barrels), and only give it 1 or 2 barrel segments, so the accuracy is terrible (2.0 is good). This leads to a "shotgun" effect. Keep the gauge small and the fire rate high, and use frag body/head with a wide dispersion angle and a timed fuse (with the laser fuse thing on the cannon). Makes pretty short work of any small to mid sized aircraft. Flak needs a rework so it contains shrapnel, like real flak. I suppose it's more useful for big, slow moving aircraft, but against nimble opponents the above-mentioned inaccuracy of APS leads to the flak explosions never coming near the enemy ship. If you compare the diameter of a flak explosion to the distance that frag pellets travel, you'll see which is the better choice for AA.

Edit: Also, the avatar skill that increases weapon accuracy would be redundant if APS accuracy was perfect.

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