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Buff APS accuracy! (or at least correct it!)

Following on from my rifled barrel post which started to go off on a tangent, I've been using my mathematically inclined mind to work out how FtD APS fairs against real guns. Hold onto your horses *cough* ships, this is gonna be long and interesting!

Using trigonometry, we can work out the dispersion of guns in FtD. I must also note that FtD dispersion IS A LIE! Well kind of. It's misleading. The inaccuracy in degrees seems to be the radius and not the diameter of the 'dispersion cone'. Your actually accuracy seems to be twice the angle given.

Take this pretty standard cannon I'm designing. Ignore the aesthetics as it's only for testing. Including the mantlet the barrel is 10 metres long or, because it's a 293mm gun, approximately 34 calibres long (10,000mm/293mm = 34.13) which is a bit lower than the standard 38 to 40 calibre guns used across both world wars.

[Image: 7JdfBuS.png]

It has quite a low muzzle velocity. More gunpowder only increases the accuracy by small amounts and I lose a lot of explosive power and of course cool-down times are longer.
It has an inaccuracy of 0.746°.
To work out the dispersion we need trigonometry and for this purpose, Tangent is our best friend.

Using these calculations we get these results at various ranges (0.746°):
500m = 6.5m [Image: lJ7R5td.png]
1000m = 13.0m [Image: uOUFCby.png]
2500m = 32.6m [Image: PQ44I2m.png]
5000m = 65.1m [Image: htPFfed.png]

Now these don't look too bad... but they're wrong! After testing all the distances in FTD, I was hitting around an area twice the size of the circles drawn! So I remade the formula, not halving the angle to overall get twice the dispersion!

500m = 13.0m [Image: uOUFCby.png]
2500m = 65.1m [Image: htPFfed.png]
5000m = 130.2m [Image: 4Gorcjc.png]


So yeah... the accuracy reading needs to be more... accurate.


Lets talk about REAL guns. Specifically the American 16"/50 calibre gun, used on the IOWA class, info here;
In the 1987, tests were conducted to access the accuracy of the gun. 15 shells were fired to a range of about 32,000m with a dispersion of just 200m. Using MORE Trigonometry, we get an accuracy of just 0.179°, or by the games incorrect accuracy reading, it would read just 0.09°(but would get a 0.179 dispersion) in FtD. Lets have a look at the inaccuracy at 5000m if FtD was true to physics:
[Image: nGKZHqA.png]7.9m at 5000m.
That's basically what my gun can do at 250m. Real life guns are 20 times more accurate guys n gals...

And finally, I leave you with this. If I want the accuracy of the 16" gun, how long does my barrel need to be?

Well for 50 calibres, I need a 15m barrel, and I get an inaccuracy of 0.487°. For the accuracy of the 16" I need a 75m barrel, or a 256 calibre gun!
[Image: RSjBA2R.png]
But at least now I hit every time!!!

So cmon guys, should we buff the APS accuracy? Maybe not by 20 times, but 4/5 times?

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Buff APS accuracy! (or at least correct it!) - by Shaun - 2017-12-15, 11:11 PM

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