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2800/4200 W.N.Td - Who Needs Thermodynamics

here is my craziness i was playing with tonight.

2800 Power Output
9x9x23 (yeah its big, but saving the planet isnt easy)
Its not a solid 9x9 though, its a cross shape with 3x3 boxes stacked 3 tall and 3 wide so there is alot of open space in each "corner"
1 "unit" of fuel consumed every 6 seconds when 2800 output
1 "unit" of fuel consumed every 45 seconds when 757 output... so basically a perpetual motion machine
max PPF at 757 Power Output - 26322 (yeah 26 THOUSAND)
PPF at 2800 Power Output - 19921 (only 19 THOUSAND)
and the cylinders are as cold as can be (0 degrees C)

extending the stacks further kind of breaks the math somewhere and it gets less efficient


After thinking it through I ripped the left and right arms off to make it a single 3x9x23 stack that made 1400 output, then stacked 3 of those complete motors in the same 9x9x23 area, so here is the 4200 WNTd

same efficiency numbers, just more POWER Smile
4200 output, 1 "unit" of fuel consumed every 4.75 seconds at full load


Attached Files
.blueprint   2800 WNTd - Who Needs Thermodynamics.blueprint (Size: 62.46 KB / Downloads: 38)
.blueprint   4200 WNTd.blueprint (Size: 83.14 KB / Downloads: 45)

Pretty good engine, I haven't checked to compare it to Guaibee's engine platform, but it looks pretty good.

Welcome to the forum! Good to see some helpful, contributing people joining!, instead of bots....
(2017-04-20, 06:54 PM)Hikari Wrote: I made something that has an impact of a type 1a supernova. The projectile already breaks laws of physics by going way past the speed of light.

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A T4 engine, then. Your 1400 per 3x9x23 one comes to 2.25 PPBB, which is a bit low for a T4 (4 turbos per carb, which maxes out at 19921 PPF) to be honest (I think the /guaibee platform has some 19921 PPFs with a 5ish PPBB). At least, if you are just looking at PPBB. Most better T4 engines are not 3 blocks high though so this engine can still be useful if you want a lot of effeciency in a low space.

So its real strength may be if you DON'T stack it on itself (since you could at that point use a better engine that is taller).

The reason engines like that lose efficiency at longer lenths is if you have one extra turbo on the carburetors at the start and end of the engine. Which basically means you have, for instance, a T3 engine with the first and last carbs actually being T4 (most of my extendable T3s end up like this). Thus, the longer the engine, the more of the power is made by the middle T3 carbs, whereas the number of T4 carburetors. I cannot actually look at the engine right now (just on a break), but my guess is that its a T4 engine in which you were able to put a 5th turbo on the carbs at the end. A T5 carb can reach something like 78329 PPF, but the best on Guaibee's platform with that are 2.85 PPBB or so.

I have some T4 and T5s that might be a bit better, but its probably very difficult to make a reasonable T4 over 7 PPBB or a reasonable T5 over 3.5 PPBB. I have a prototype that is a 4 long 5x6 segment with a 1-long start and end which can get 400 or 800 per mid segment (T5 or T4 variant), and MIGHT be extendable in all 3 directions (rather then just length) with 1 height and width of overlap (and thus subtracted from each section other than the first). If this engine were somehow infinitely long, wide, and tall, such that it was effectively a 4x4x5 block x infinity (which makes the "extra" 2 lengthof start/end, and 1 width/1 height of first segment insignificant) at eithr 400 or 800 per such 4x4x5. This gives an impossible-to-actually-make limit of a 5 PPBB T5 engine or a 10 PPBB T4 engine.

In reality, they would of course probably be more like 6-7ish PPBB and 3-3.5ish PPBB respectively since even making an engine more than 2 segments wide and tall would be excessive for all but the largest ships.
Your giant expensive powerful warship of doom can be destroyed by dropping an anvil on it. One day, I will finally have enough engines to actually make a ship without stopping to make more engines.

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