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Civilian buildings should surrender

(2017-12-14, 02:25 PM)anmoch Wrote: The game sells it as houses though. At least for DWG villages, the forces are called "Small House" etc. (I do have an LH village still standing that lists them as "Barracks", so there's that.)

Military personnel can live in houses too. As far as I'm concerned everyone in the DWG is a pirate, so they all count Tongue
Poke my boat! mostly pre-2.0 learning & catalogue thread - Update: Heavy & light tanks 07/04/18 for 2.1. 6 ships made 2.0 aware. No more post-processing! finally! but now I can't read the forum.

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Civilian buildings should surrender - by anmoch - 2017-12-12, 04:53 PM
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