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Civilian buildings should surrender

I would love if civilian buildings such as houses and temples had logic that "surrenders" and ends the battle once all of the weapon towers have been defeated. I suppose the criterion should be that all remaining forces are buildings and (in undamaged form) do not have any weapons, detection systems or similar that would contribute to the overall battle. (Maybe I'm missing a border case that should be excluded?)

I'm a relative noob, so far managing to defeat DWG, OW and WF on "easy" in the Neter campaign. The most jarring experiences in the entire playthrough were the multiple occasions where I attacked a coastal village, defeated all its towers in a very short time (yay me figuring out how to deliver 333mm HE accurately in numbers) ... and then sat there twiddling my thumbs for what felt like 5min while my ships dropped said 333mm HE shells on wooden houses until each in turn succumbed to "too damaged".

I really felt like a war criminal there, shelling houses.

Buildings on reverse slopes actually pose somewhat of an interesting gameplay challenge since they are very hard to hit from the sea. However, it would be a more interesting and less criminal challenge if the enemy had missile bunkers on the reverse slopes, rather than houses.

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