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Eclipse armor

A fictional reactive armor type that darkens upon being subjected to a Close by light source.
it absorbs large ammounts of light and can nullify a lot of warm energy, making it a good counter against lasers.

the muzzle flash from your guns will dissapear if Close by and your light fittings will be cancelled out if the emitted light is too strong.

The armor weighs as much as regular metal but comes at near the same price as HA, and is not the best at dealing with kinetic damage etc.

it is essentially smoke but in a 1x1 form factor and it will also gain armor bonuses, though you have no controll over its Active state and it has a Little bit less range than smoke (but does not consume ammo and materials).

it will not cancel out smoke but will instead benefit from having smoke nearby as smoke can extend its effective range (although the further away from the block the less damage is absorbed.
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