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MUSASHI 1944 (Second Yamato class Battleship)

It's been what? Two years? Three? Since I made a build of mine public... Well here's one now.

If you want to skip the malarkey and just get it, then click dis

And as one could see by the the thread name... It is Musashi in her 1944 Battle of Leyte Gulf configuration.

Controls that I can remember:
Arrow keys for movement
Cruise Controls:
"T" is forward
"Y" is stop
"U" is reverse

It's got my usual attention to detail, like livable interiors and other similar things. I'd just let the pics speak...

[Image: 499B673327176B4963E0F8F40C0B7ACFA4DE4B21]

[Image: FF5B6C3150B867859651C9A4CD625AC91BA5F7B6]

[Image: 9770AEF6D086D06F6A62601E7880ACECCB6CCCA5]

[Image: 338D67411B361FDB8E8B9349AB3674C4EB818575]

[Image: 10D5742B1F235E5F8EC2F4347DAC741DC48E3497]

[Image: F79636B2157719AFE0C53F77645AB5ED8F586300]

[Image: B8299D20924C220621C48B16CECD7D5599A1155A]

[Image: 4B9AA5865DE3D3085C044191B1EA66B9BF659BC7]

[Image: B5D18AE8274D1704E6A5836A9D8EC1EB65ABDF17]

[Image: 43ADB3EBD4BA0BA2243EFAF486C17753429BBEAA]

As to why she's a Lvl.1 on the last image... Well she sank without actually engaging ships... So no exp... No levels...

Some combat pics because she's not just decoration...

Here's her against a Thyr and an Excalibur as a scenario of "What if we run into a Steel Strider Battleship Division?"
[Image: Screenshot_6.png]
[Image: Screenshot_7.png]
[Image: Screenshot_10.png]
[Image: Screenshot_11.png]

This is her state after the battle...
[Image: Screenshot_18.png]
No.3 turret blew up and she's suffering from a bit of a list from a flooded boiler and engine room...

But she's still afloat... so we're not gonna stop just yet...

Now She will face a casual Warlord from the Grey Talons...
[Image: Screenshot_19.png]

Which was not particularly effective I found out...
[Image: Screenshot_20.png]
[Image: Screenshot_21.png]

So we send in a Thunderclap!
[Image: Screenshot_22.png]
[Image: Screenshot_23.png]

Which while looking like a flying Onyx Watch ship... didn't seem to have similar stability...
[Image: Screenshot_24.png]

So I decided to throw in a red fidget spinner with lasers in from the Scarlet Dawn...
[Image: Screenshot_27.png]

Which did about as well as one would guess
[Image: Screenshot_28.png]

So I sent in this Twin Guard amazing looking thing...
[Image: Screenshot_31.png]

Well... looks good... but not really practical now is it?
[Image: Screenshot_33.png]

So I went and got bored and stopped the combat situation there... Sides... Musashi's basically a wreck after sinking the Twin Guard thingy..

[Image: Screenshot_35.png]

Afterwards I concluded that those Campaign designs spend too much of their material cost in Aesthetics instead of actual combat ability...

Of Which Wogsethan comments on being ironic...

Absolutely awesome.

(2017-12-07, 11:38 AM)-ACHTUNG- Wrote: Afterwards I concluded that those Campaign designs spend too much of their material cost in Aesthetics instead of actual combat ability...

Also, this line is just too perfect...
"Most of life's decisions are somewhere in-between determining how to properly peel a banana and determining the structure of the solar system." -Josh, 2017

[Image: PvyBq7R.gif]

Amazing ship.
I read about U.S. naval history recently; the book included Leyte Gulf.
A force as voracious as time itself.
A void as cryptic as reality itself.
An enigma as vexing as life itself.
[Image: HjaVgvK.jpg]

A great ship, well done Acht

Great ship as always. I'll assume the RoF is not historical? Also what round are you using?
unless those campaign ships really are that weak. I don't fight against campaign ships that much.
[Image: fvn8BOX.gif] [Image: RFSgkaw.gif]

Love this ship, you did good here! Bit big for my comp to handle but I wish it could!
[Image: 6Vp76mI.png]

[Image: 76561198088023049.png]

Beautiful as always!
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