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[SS] Spectre (Godly{20FP})

Godly level ship created during SS rebuilds.
Created by Eagle and implemented v2.03.

Blocks: 5565

Lore: After observing the success of the Banshee stealth corvette, the Steel Striders Admiralty was thoroughly impressed with the design. They commissioned Selachii Industries to evolve the technology with a stealth cruiser. What was presented to the Admiralty was the Spectre stealth cruiser. It maintains the stealth capabilities of its predecessor, and is more resistant to damage due to the increased hull size. The cruiser's main armament is an impressive array of swarm missiles capable of overwhelming missile defences and inlflicting large amounts of damage to its foes. Most victims' last sight is of a massive incoming missile swarm, never even knowing what ship launched them.

Very strong Laser Defenses
Hard to sink, Durable
Full Interior

Fused HE shells due to close ranged shields
CRAM barrages bypass LAMs
Direct Fired Torpedoes

Class: Heavy Stealth Corvette
Primary role: Stealth interdiction, naval support
Cost: 118514
L: 104 m
W: 17 m
H: 21 m
T: 3290T
V: 11848
Top speed: 17 m/s
Power: One Nuclear Reactor providing 675 power
Four steam turbines providing in excess of 19000 power to batteries
Electric engines max power production of 6360
Fuel use /s
At cruise: N/A
At full load: 10,7 material / second (214 fuel/s)
Fuel efficiency: Unlimited
Fuel reserve: 12000 / 79000
Range: Unlimited km
Combat duration: X min

Weapon loadout:
Main guns: None
Secondary guns: Two Quad-Autocannon turrets
Missiles: Twenty-four MR-L6 100/2600 missiles in four VLMS
Thirty-two MR-L6 80/2800 missiles in four VLMS
Fourty MR-L5 120/1800 missiles in eight VLMS
Torpedoes: Eight T-L8 67/4400 torpedoes
Twelve T-L7 60/2700 torpedoes

Hull: 1m Alloy, 1 m Metal
Deck: 1 – 2 m Alloy
Superstructure: 1 m Alloy
Defensive systems: LAMS
Smoke Launchers
Four flare launchers
Four Sonar Bouy launchers

Strong against: Submarines, small to medium surface ships
Weak against: Fast aerial units, large surface ships and thrustercraft.
Defenceless against: None

[Image: spectre_2.jpg]
[Image: spectre_3.jpg]
[Image: spectre.jpg]
[Image: Spectre_4_2.jpg]
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