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Different way of cooling your gun

It's exaclty what i meant, like water cooling Smile
Some people misunderstood and think about under sea level gun, i'm not even sure they exist but well, yes, water cooling Smile

Most machine gun are water cooled, and fun fact i exaclty had a maxim gun in my head when i said "water tank around the barrel" xd, even though this a a derivative from it, not the first model :p
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(2017-12-05, 03:49 PM)MizarLuke Wrote: Not exactly intentional water-cooling, but IRL, underwater turrets aren't used (to my knowledge). I may just be rather uninformed. How would it work? I assume more for cooling the barrel than firing piece, but what else?

There's no real reason for an underwater cannon in the first place. I mean it would probably fire, but the range would be terrible and there aren't a whole lot of targets to shoot at. You'd also need new mounting method (most turrets are held on by gravity) and an innovative way of sealing it or you'd have a constant leak.
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