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Post Battle Performance Report and Metrics

Statistics are a great way to get a bearing on how effective/ineffective a design may be.

So on the average battle i always ask myself these few questions:

In my fleet -
How much damage did my ships do?
How much did they receive?
Of the blocks destroyed - Which damage type contributed the most?
What was the largest single value hit (not including secondary or tertiary sources)
What was the largest single value hit (combining secondary and tertiary effects)
Of all damage taken: What weapon type did the most damage? What damage profile did it use? (Explosive, Frag, AP, EMP)

just a few thoughts. Metrics are everything a good designer needs for effective feedback.

I mean if i add a small gun to my ship, covered in so many other guns, how much bang did i actually get out of that gun? Maybe i should omit it from the overall design?

Just some thoughts.

Of the anticipated scrap - What was my expenditure to get it? Of the time a ship was fired at, which held the most attention. Which held the least?

What were their average distance between all other ships?

Of the number of shots fired: How many hit
How many fired shots were intercepted: LAMS, Interceptor Missiles, AA guns and etc...
Of the number of shots returned: How many hit
Of the number of rounds returned: How were intercepted

Who died in what order.
Of those who died - What was the health of the target at time of death?
what was the cause of death? AI dead, Sinking, Too much damage, etc...

of all these stats: We can weigh the stats differently to determine ABP (Adjusted Battle Performance)

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