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How to stop Aeriel AI from pitching.

The AI on my airship keeps trying to pitch up or down when it gets too close to the enemy. Does anyone know how to stop this.

its probably because the airship is at cruising altitude outside of combat and right before it begins the attack run. When it initiates the attack run, it lowers to the minimal altitude (or tries to), pitching the ship. Set the minimal altitude to the cruising altitude (as close as possible) or remove those thrusters entirely. If you need balance, try using deticated rotor blades controlled by ACB's.

Also, for further questions about anything that has to do with specifick (types of) designs, be sure to include the blueprint. you can find these, by default, in your documents folder - from the depths - player profiles - [profile on where the blueprint is stored] - constructibles.
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If you want to stop your airship from pitching, instead of aerial ai, put land Ai or ship ai :
it will act like a tank/ship, but at a certain altitude, to keep the altitude you want, you're going to want a altitude PID
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Another way besides what was said above is to place a AI PID attached to the AI flying the airship and set the first slider (forget its name) all the way to zero.

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