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Wind energy + flight?

[Image: f47WVSA.jpg]

Anyone has experience in making controllable and combat capable wind-flyers?

Is it even possible?
Wings are vulnerable, sails are vulnerable, wind + AI = mess

Done some tests and... the impression left is that it could be used for tourism mainly
[Image: CUXgqyd.jpg]

I've tried it , made it have some torpedoes, but it dies too often, thanks to the simple auto cannon. haven't tried it since wings where buffed, you may be able to get some armor on one now, but I find dediblades much better for no fuel cost aircraft. my best tests included the sails on spin blocks with a sailing AI card if I remember correctly.
Builds things*
*Quality Varies


Oh torpedoes and armor. Didn't even make it that far yet.
Thanks for the reply.
Spent some hours and doubt more hours would produce anything worth existing x)

Wing buff on this concept makes it almost impossible to land.
If a tiny breeze is around it will move/take off by itself.
Lift force + wind produces sometimes insane speed and behavior (As screenshot shows)

Maybe dediblades + wings + sails?
Sails on spinblocks self reorienting for randomizing path + speed buff = could be a thing for faster drones that need to dodge... dunno
[Image: CUXgqyd.jpg]

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