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asynchronous loading of the game/loading screen (for game startup).

I know FtD has loading screens. I am just talking about starting up the game.

I was just thinking about it. When loading a normal scene in a game engine (synced), it forces all power to go to the loading. This results in a windows "crash" error when loading a lot. Why isn't asynced loading used while loading the game? this way it looks a bit better and the windows error msg should not occur.

I don't know which engine FtD uses. If it's unity, maybe check this out:

I think it would be about the same for other engine's. This way, people also know if the game is actually doing something/actually loading and not just crashing for real.
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FTD uses unity, unity 5 iirc
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It's Unity, but it's not loading the scene that takes some time, it's unpacking the textures and loading all the assets from the HDD.
And it's already done in another thread, which is why FtD starts a lot faster than it used to be, and also why you do not have access at once to all the recorded prefabs if you rush to the designer, they haven't yet had enough time to load...

That said, I agree that if FtD would be a bit more responsive while starting it would be good...

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