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The option for disabling the automatic input or (propulsion) systems.

I'm currently building a copter-like vessel with supreme firepower at the front (for a fresh campain), being 4 803mm CRAM Cannons, not mounted to turrets. Its running off a Naval UI Unit but it doesn't work the way I want it to work; basicly like a Areal AI Unit. I can't simply plop on an Areal AI Card because I use thrusters with ACB's set to complex controls to control pitch and roll.
The issue:
When I run the copter on Areal AI, it uses the upward/downward thruster in order to pitch or roll (depending on the setting) which completely destroys the point of having a complex controls system set up for these tasks since it overrides it anyways.

Add an option on (propulsion) components to ignore all input from AI, allowing these components to run completely of complex controls, ACB's, etc.

Currently, looking at the copter from the backstory, the only way to do what I want to do is scripting in LUA. I have no idea how LUA scripting works.
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The option for disabling the automatic input or (propulsion) systems. - by TheMustashMan - 2017-11-25, 04:45 PM

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