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Poll: Who is the winner?
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Caprice by StahlSentinel
0 0%
Clockwork by Void-Person
1 2.78%
Coqueille by Finwolf88
1 2.78%
Dread Class Skytrain SPAWNSTICK 3 BuckleBill
14 38.89%
MT-01 - Aegis Linkdeous
0 0%
Serpent Aestival -Aventure Vessel- by Magma8520
11 30.56%
vehicle better gears movement more by Aduck
1 2.78%
wheeloffortune by Obnosis
8 22.22%
Total 36 vote(s) 100%
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"Steampunk" Voting

Looks like we have 8 Submissions, so barely made it for the minimum Smile No designs Cut for the voting.

Heres the magnificent 8

Caprice by StahlSentinel
Clockwork by Void-Person
Coqueille by Finwolf88
Dread Class Skytrain SPAWNSTICK 3 BuckleBill
MT-01 - Aegis Linkdeous
Serpent Aestival -Aventure Vessel- by Magma8520
vehicle better gears movement more by Aduck
wheeloffortune by Obnosis

Voting will be closed on November 28 at around 9pm
You can find more screenshots of Each design in the original submission thread.

Caprice by StahlSentinel
+Crankshaft and turbine section in back that “spins” the propellers looks good.
+3 Balloons held together in that cage up top looks cool

[Image: JdgsKd8.png]

Clockwork by Void-Person
+Gears on the Side props rotate and link up properly, nice.
+Overall Hullshape is very good, little ripples on the underside gives nice texture.
+Exposed steam boilers and smoke stack looks good

-Backside with the gear props is just a flat section. Needs some sculpting.
[Image: attachment.php?aid=48278]
[Image: attachment.php?aid=48277]
[Image: attachment.php?aid=48279]

Coqueille by Finwolf88
+Great overall Design, Prow is particularly nice.
+Gear Shaped Paddlewheels with linking gear is pretty cool
+Nice Paint

[Image: M0NTNs7.jpg]
[Image: mHyk48T.jpg]
[Image: EskfDN1.jpg]

Dread Class Skytrain SPAWNSTICK 3 BuckleBill
+Amazing looking flying train with 1 Engine and 3 separate Cars on Docking stations.
+The Engine alone is a work of art, the 3 Cars behind Is just icing on an awesome cake
+Hard to pin down what parts stands out as awesome when the whole thing is awesome. The Spinning wheels and especially that large spinning when on the Engine is very impressive.
+Tons of pipes and cool little spinning parts all over the design.

[Image: zZQ8VOx.png]

[Image: nNqaQzw.png]

[Image: 6wZ7mOm.png]

MT-01 - Aegis Linkdeous
+Great Steam engine, particularly the Brass looking boiler section and Pipes.
+1 Engine, 2 Bunker cars and 2 Cargo/ Passenger Cars.
+That Bunker car with the oversized cannons on top is a really cool concept.

-Im not into the sails on this design, I feel it detracts from the design.
[Image: A9h0M_AXScOCB32hZLYGmQ.png]
[Image: iLZcZsqTRmSSSEOOFNrx5Q.png]
[Image: w51ghibYSfexBdFdXU1Npw.png]

Serpent Aestival -Aventure Vessel- by Magma8520

+Impressive overall design, Contours, levels and Details are all well balanced and thought out.
+Spinning gears everywhere look great, Giant middle vertical gears is the best part.
+Decks to each side of the giant gears are really cool, though not clear what they are supposed to represent

-Gears under the turrets look like they should link and rotate with the gears next to them, but they don't.

[Image: Ukc7YRj.gif]
[Image: 9sVKUMZ.jpg]
[Image: JIYmmOA.jpg]

vehicle better gears movement more by Aduck

+Overall a great Hull with some nice curves and sculpting, but it needs a bit of depth from having decks/levels
+Nice Gear work and the big spinning things on the side looks good too
+Great looking Hanger bay and doors under the belly. Inside is a nice little Steampunky Submarine tucked away.
+Simple, but finished walkable Interior. The only interior in this competition.
+Nice paint

-vehicle better name more sensible
[Image: attachment.php?aid=48274]
[Image: attachment.php?aid=48273]

wheeloffortune by Obnosis
+There’s thinking out side of the box, and then theres this design that can’t even see where the box is.
+There are a ton of details and pipes and do-dads and whatchamacallits here, borderline cluttered.
+Side wheels actually rotate when moving, and turn the right ways when turning.
+I like the little passenger area, this is the oddest tour bus ive ever seen.
+Wheels and Belts on top are a distinctive feature that stands out well from the rest.

-Shoulda been named “Wheel of Misfortune” seems catchier
[Image: sZYrloV.jpg]
[Image: M9CQw9q.jpg]
[Image: DjCm1NS.jpg]

Attached Files
.blueprint   Caprice by StahlSentinel.blueprint (Size: 167.17 KB / Downloads: 22)
.blueprint   Clockwork by Void-Person.blueprint (Size: 160.47 KB / Downloads: 25)
.blueprint   Coqueille by Finwolf88.blueprint (Size: 156.75 KB / Downloads: 23)
.blueprint   Dread Class Skytrain SPAWNSTICK 3 BuckleBill.blueprint (Size: 738.83 KB / Downloads: 24)
.blueprint   MT-01 - Aegis Linkdeous.blueprint (Size: 167.83 KB / Downloads: 22)
.blueprint   Serpent Aestival -Aventure Vessel- by Magma8520.blueprint (Size: 709.22 KB / Downloads: 25)
.blueprint   vehicle better gears movement more by Aduck.blueprint (Size: 465.44 KB / Downloads: 23)
.blueprint   wheeloffortune by Obnosis.blueprint (Size: 119.42 KB / Downloads: 26)
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(2017-11-21, 01:52 PM)majyst Wrote: -Gears under the turrets look like they should link and rotate with the gears next to them, but they don't.

They supposed to represent the gears to turn those turrets, sadly, no amount of ACB can make it spin and stop along with turret movements.

Thanks for putting my design in the competition Smile
i don't really think i can win when i see what other made, their design look really amazing Big Grin
Good luck to all Smile
Roses are red, violet are blue
Omaera mo shindeiru

Was having trouble deciding which one to vote on, they all seemed so good...

...and then I saw the wheel of (mis)fortune. My vote is cast Big Grin.

The fuel engine pipes on it could have done with a lick of paint tho, the default colour is too weird and too grubby.
(2017-07-10, 02:50 AM)Resolas Wrote: Forward broadside is the best broadside

Apparently when I hastily voted at work on my cellphone I managed to click my own design instead of the skytrain I though I had selected. I cant find a button to change my vote so when calculating the results, please redact one from the Coquwille and add it to the Skytrain..
[Image: giphy.gif]

Also I'd just like to say that the engine on the skytrain does have an interior, all the designs here are amazing
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