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USS New Mexico Replica

My replica of the USS New Mexico as it appeared in 1945:

[Image: 2017-11-20_18%2036%2049.jpg?dl=1]

[Image: 2017-11-20_18%2037%2017.jpg?dl=1]

[Image: 2017-11-20_18%2038%2015.jpg?dl=1]

[Image: 2017-11-20_18%2039%2020.jpg?dl=1]

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.blueprint   USS New Mexico.blueprint (Size: 431.21 KB / Downloads: 31)

Wow, without using mods for deco and such, that's pretty well done.
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No mods?

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If I decide to make another one it will likely use mods. I didn't use them on this one because I started it right after 2.0 came out and the mods had not yet updated.

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