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Autofill basic geometric shapes

There is one thing about FtD that I love and one that I hate.

- You can build everything (up to the internals of every weapon)

- You have to build everything

One time, when (again) I had to place hundreds of triangle corners and inverted blocks for a ships bow I thought:

Wouldn't it be great if you could have a set of basic geometric shapes like Ring, Triangle, cone, pyramid... that you can input the size of, position and placing it like a prefab where the game then autofills all the required blocks in the desired material (wood, metal, alloy)

Yes, saving subobjects and having prefabs helps in saving time while building but an autofill function of those shapes could save much time and speed up the tedious parts of building (and help people like me who have trouble shaping outer hulls)
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Autofill basic geometric shapes - by GerJS - 2017-11-18, 10:11 AM

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