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150k BHP Engine for Dreadnought

Hey peeps,

I'm still pecking away at a Dreadnought build, tad big and a tad expensive... Just a tad. I'm just about at the point where the only task left is to shield it properly, but shielding a 259Lx31W ship takes a lot of engine power. I currently have about 161k BHP engine power. All fuel engines, about half of the total power is carburetor generated (and yes, half is injector, I'm not always environmentally friendly when I'm trying to generate that kind of power in such a small build). The odd thing is just how fast this thing chews through fuel. Even just sitting in place (which draws maybe 2k power to keep the beast stable) it still drains stupidly fast and I'm wondering either if I've miscalculated or if the build could stand an overhaul to use steam engines, which are confusing af and I've generally left alone; I just use small units for electrical power as real steam engines seem really inconvenient in terms of space. The tetris is ugly and annoying. Engines really aren't my thing so I figured I'd check with the masters of the craft. I'll post the blueprint here for your enjoyment. Even without the paint job or the shielding, the firepower on this thing... is a somewhat guilty pleasure of mine. At least when my beast isn't smoking up my bedroom from how hot it has to run. At some point I'll put the actual build up on the forums if it gets finished, but I'm dropping it here specifically for engine work.

.blueprint   Event Horizon Dreadnought.blueprint (Size: 1.48 MB / Downloads: 75)
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