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Aimpoint, missile laser designators and hybrid turrets

(2017-11-22, 09:44 AM)Richard Dastardly Wrote:
(2017-11-21, 10:09 PM)lordmuck Wrote: sorry for trying to relate to your problem like that, I honestly thought it was kinda the same issue :/

Nah it's understandable, even I thought it might be detection at first - however bad detection is quite random as you'd expect & that wasn't random, it was trying to aim at two points at the same time.

For your sub I think you're going to have to rely on a few retroreflector sensors if you want any decent bearing resolution, the laser rangefinder will be ok for range as long as it doesn't trigger smoke. Shooting out of the water is not going to be accurate in itself given even with supercav the velocity below & above is different iirc. Shooting at subs with supercav rounds is awkward even with very little above-water arc.

yeah there is a difference when firing through air / water in game. Need to keep messing around with the sliders in the detection stuff and see what benefits the laser designators for the missiles .

anyway thanks Smile glad you got your bit sorted too

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