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Cram missiles?

Not actuall cram Shells with missile Components on them, but missiles that can cram together their onboard payload or loosen it up back to original size on demand.

this means the missile can make its profile smaller and also make Sharp turns despite being large. the downside would be a more volatile missile that costs more and is genreally no better than a regular missile only that you can make a long missile and compress it Before launch, in order to create a super missile.

you could also use this to launch temporary radars and what not.

frags can not be compressed but can use the onboard explosive charge in order to act as sort of a super high velocity canister shot when impacting.

fuel can be compressed, but putting too much compression on the fuel Components will result in an unwanted variable or regular thruster override.

to make things more interesting, they could be assembled and launched out of a cannon or a tube on a swivel with mountning Points for an assembly system underneath.

you would be able to adjust your missile's aerodynamics through chosen nose warhead + retraction and extention of missile shape, and then sacrifice some fuel for inherent muzzle velocity in order to make your missile fuel efficient.

these missiles can not be spammed as easily and are more like cannon Shells except they turn towards their target and can alter their course.

compressed high explosive mine launcher anyone?
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