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[SD][Rapid Assault] Dawn Cutter (Expert{30 FP})

Expert level Rapid Assault craft created during SD overhaul
Created by Majyst and implemented in v1.969

A fast moving strafing craft with warp technology and large fixed guns.

LoreSadMajyst write some stuff! owo ...deja vu!x3)

Blocks: 4263
Volume: 8493
(pending update fix)

Powerful Burst for its size
Good Turning
High Armor Shell

Overall low DPS
Vulnerable on a Direct Strafe
Shell Armoring, very prone to Hesh/Heat
Explosive Beltfed Gun

Dual Fixed 333mm 3m HEAT Burst Guns
Dual Barrel 100mm Frag Gattling Gun
12x 8m Frag Radar Guided-Missiles

Reflect Shielding
Flare and Radar Bouys
Warp Drive

Armor scheme:
HA shell on the arms
Metal Shaped Nose
HA shell critical spots.
No internal compartments (too small)

Warp Drive
Dual CJE Forward Thrust
Large jet stabilizers/turning

~15.5k Fuel
400k Battery Storage, Battery backup
269k Fuel

[Image: 2017-11-12_12_58_23.jpg]
[Image: 2017-11-12_12_58_30.jpg]
[Image: 2017-11-12_12_58_36.jpg]
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Deja vu
I've just been in this place before
Higher on the street
And I know it's my time to go
Calling you, and the search is a mystery
Standing on my feet
It's so hard when I try to be me, woah
Deja vu
I've just been in this time before
Higher on the beat
And I know it's a place to go
Calling you and the search is a mystery
Standing on my feet
It's so hard when I try to be me, yeah
When in doubt shut up keep calm and use more daka.Tongue
(2017-12-07, 11:38 AM)-ACHTUNG- Wrote: Afterwards I concluded that those Campaign designs spend too much of their material cost in Aesthetics instead of actual combat ability...


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