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Spectral armor block?

This idea spawned out of an idea i had about how one could make their vehicles more unique without ruining aesthetics too much. its basically a copy of lightblocks altough more or less as expensive as Heavy armor.
the block has 0.1 volume and is pretty much invisible and indestructible but allows things to phase through it much like light blocks. they can not be destroyed by emp but does not Count towards your total remaining % of vehicle blocks. basically what they do is increase armor on blocks they touch by lets say 5 and cost 100 per 1m block.

this can render any vehicle arbitrary superior but at the cost of a drastical increase in rp making it a risky and heavily rp consuming method of armoring, that should only be reserved to end game for the most part. for each additional block they touch the armor bonus is reduced by 0.15 so for 1 block = 1 , two blocks sharing the block only get 0.85 each etc and Three blocks only get 0.70 each and so on.

additionally there could be directional spectral blocks in order to choose a single individual block as to not let other blocks drain the bonus, which is very wastefull but allows for massive armor on a single individual block.

while this does limit the player it does not limit the enemy factions especially if the rp taken up by these blocks is not accounted for when enemy vehicles are being manufactured and sent out.

this presents a way to scale up the Power of enemy vehicles without having to use the slider...well, its still kind of the same but now there´s actuall thought behind it Tongue.

is this silly or does it sound like an interesting thing to play around with?
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Spectral armor block? - by Char_charodon - 2017-11-12, 09:56 PM

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