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Budkai "Classic" Tournament 5K - New Rules Inside!

From the Depths: [The Budkai "Classic" Tournament 5K]
Tournament Entry Info Below!

!!!Submissions need to be in by 12/19/2014!!!

-5000 Block Limit (block number can be found by pressing "V" when designing your vehicle)
-Vehicles Only, and must have some form of propulsion (movement).
-No Submarines
-No Repair Bots
-No Repair Tentacles
-Everything AI Controlled!
-No Vehicle can enter the battleground higher than a resource ring
-Your Vehicle can spawn in with other vehicles (using Subvehicle Spawners) as long as the total count of blocks does not exceed 5000.
-Ships that are "pretty" as well will get more camera time and attention.

Send me your ship file (data.txt) to:
Include your:
-Ship Name
-Number of Blocks
-And Starting Range Preference
-Data.txt file (only need one, even if multiple ships...)

How to find your saved ship design (data.txt)
(Documents\From The Depths\Player Profiles\[user name]\Constructables\[ship name]\data.txt)

Previous Budkai Grand Tournament 5K videos for your convenience below!


There will have to be a change in Tactics!

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