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King Of The Hill - 100k [Finished]


That was a great battle - the StratosFear is a great entry, and you know it's a tough fight when it goes to a round 3!

So, now we've just got one last battle in this tournament and that's watching the Hephastus take on the Doom Guppy for a third time. I wonder how that will go?

Remember when blothorn was reluctant to submit his entry?

3 rounds with clouds of missiles, mighty LAMS, massive ammo detonations and even a "my planet needs me" exit by the Hephastus... awesome entries, awesome battle guys!

Vehicle Design Theme = Fugly but Functional

GG Zebgef! Hats down to your craft despite being being optimise to forward brawl to still pull off a victory.
Very good design T3hJimmer - nearly untouchable by most opposition.
primum non nocere
new tournament:
★★★ Sea Encounters - Battleships! ★★★


Startosfear vs Doom Guppy was surprising. Guppy seemed invincible but it seems Strato managed to tire it out in round 1. Pretty impressive!

Valley vs Hephastus shows the limitations of ships well. If you can't prevent getting hit you're at a huge disadvantage. Hephastus just moves perfectly

to avoid shells. That's a really smart design chopice.

Valley vs Koth was a brutal match! They ripped each other apart. Two super strong ships! Fun stuff!

Strato vs Helios was quick! Looks like Helios is only really strong from the front. Which is natural for a forward facing broadsider. Starto was probably

the worst nightmare of Helios.

Strato dealed well with Valley. Not getting hit is the best defense!

Doom Guppy has strong lasers. Hephastus has barely any laser defenses... Hephastus saw the light at the end of the tunnel, and it was green!

Hephastus is weak vs fast orbiters. Starto is weak vs lasers and fast missiles. The result is a very fun match where one became a boat and the other

turned into a space ship. XD

Doom Guppy vs Hephastus... Blothorn OP. Please nerf! XD
Guppy is a super powerful design! Congrats! Thanks Jimmer for all the work you did here! Very fun stuff. Smile

The last couple remaining entries are all much better in meeting and exceeding the meta as I could hope to achieve. Im impressed. Smile
Everything that ever started to exist, has a cause.

(There is) A time to kill, and a time to heal; a time to break down, and a time to build up;
-Ecclesiastes 3:3

Thank you for running this, T3hJimmer! Always a blast.

(2018-03-27, 12:14 PM)Tomson Wrote: Blothorn OP. Please nerf!
Aw, thanks. Smile
Allr andask.

Well, not really a surprise but still, congratulations Blothorn - a masterful design! That'll teach me to not underestimate lasers.

And thanks Jimmer for running this while tournament thing, and everyone else who entered for making this such a great tournament!

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